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The War On Brains

If you missed Rachel Maddow’s show last night, you’ll want to catch this clip:

As usual, Maddow and her crew put together a good summary of what currently ails religious and political conservatism in the USA. To the smart political conservatives out there – and I know there are many of you – I reiterate a plea I’ve made before: please purge the Republican party of the wing-nut wing. They’re dragging you down. Tea Partiers, Creationists and their ilk are giving conservatism, which once was a respectable set of social and political ideals, a bad reputation. Tea Partiers, Creationists, etc., aren’t going to listen to people like me. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll listen to fellow conservatives. If not, then hurry up and throw out your trash. The stench is leaking outside the conservative house and it’s nauseating the neighbors.

— the chaplain


Masters of Disaster & Irony

British Petroleum, the company that is responsible for what may be the most catastrophic man-made ecological disaster in human history, has spent nearly two months trying to persuade the world that it bears little or no responsibility for the devastation that is currently going on in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s why people find notices like these, posted at BP gas stations around the USA, ironic.

I didn’t know anyone was still buying gas from BP. I guess someone will have to do it, though, if we want BP to pay for cleaning up its mess. For some truly awful looks at the disaster that continues to unfold in the gulf, check out this photo essay. Some samples of what they have:

Americans missed an opportunity to start weaning ourselves from oil during the energy crises of the 1970s. Nearly 40 years ago. It sickens me to think about how far we could have come in the nearly half century that has passed if we would have made some efforts to change our ways then. I wish I could say that this disaster will be a wake-up call. But, I doubt that it will be. We’ll muddle through this, then continue doing the same irresponsible, wasteful shit we always do. What a confounding species we humans are; we can investigate the outer reaches of the universe, the depths of the sea and the structure of DNA, yet we don’t have enough sense to avoid fouling our own nest.

H/T to Think Progress and

— the chaplain


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