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Comic Gem

I was reading Phantom of the Opera the other night when I came across a bit that tickled my funny bone. In the aftermath of a harrowing experience in a cemetery, Raoul is being interrogated about the event when the following dialog occurs:

Q. Are you at all superstitious?
A. No Monsieur, I am a practicing Catholic!

Am I the only one around here who finds the implication that religious belief does not entail superstition hilarious?

— the chaplain


Posted by on July 7, 2010 in atheism, humor, religion


Roman Holiday

Even though I had almost no access to either cell phones or the Internet last week, I had plenty of electricity. The combination of abundant free time, my computer and electricity gave me the opportunity to organize the photos that the deacon and I took in Italy last spring. The video below gives a glimpse of what we saw while we were there.

Stay tuned for Venetian Romance in a few days.

— the chaplain


Posted by on July 6, 2010 in travel, video


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